The Beverly Hillbillies Slot Machine Available Online

Reviews on Online Slots Featuring the Beverly Hillbillies

When playing the Beverly Hillbillies slot machine, is there a chance for players to win a large sum of money? It is, of course, based on the popular television program of the same name, which debuted in 1957 and told the story of some good ol’ country folks who discovered oil on their farm and then relocated to Los Angeles with their newly acquired money. IGT, a company that has a long history of designing online slots with themes based on classic television programs, has made it possible for you to join Jed Clampett, Granny, and Elly May at casinos throughout the United States and farther beyond.

By building games on popular brands, the slots will have an audience that is already established, and IGT’s Beverly Hillbillies slot machine has been such a tremendous hit that they have already created a sequel called the Millionaire Mile. This is a much-improved slot machine, and it will be the one that we look at in further detail in a moment.

However, it is only available in land-based casinos, which is typical for licensed IGT slots. This is often due to the conditions of the deal with the production company that was responsible for making the TV series. This slot machine with five reels and twenty paylines provides a variety of bonus rounds if you are able to locate it. Fans are expected to flock to the game since it offers them the opportunity to win a progressive jackpot, free spins, wild symbols, pick-a-prize rounds, and pick-a-prize rounds. Unusually, the wild symbol has the potential to emerge as a massive 3×3 block, which may result in the creation of a large number of winning lines in a single spin.

Although there is a vast selection of games available from the IGT developer at online and mobile casino sites, just a small number of those games are based on movies, television shows, or famous people. The primary exception to this rule is Ghostbusters, in which you may assist the crew in zapping Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man at a variety of different casino sites that come highly recommended. You can now play the Ghostbusters slot machine on mobile devices powered by Apple and Android operating systems. Take a look at the Moonshine slot machine from Microgaming, which will be discussed lower down the page, if you find that games with a hillbilly theme are appealing to you.

Controls & Configuration for the Beverly Hillbillies Slot

To amass his fortune, Jed Clampett had to make a fortune in oil, but you may start winning money at the slots for as little as twenty cents every play. It goes up to a hundred dollars, which means that it is suitable for both casual gamblers and big rollers. Because all twenty paylines are constantly active, there is no need for you to spend any time deliberating about how many you should play. Actually, there isn’t much to do other than determine the quantity of your stake using the straightforward Plus and Minus buttons, click to start the reels spinning, and then watch to see what symbols appear across the screen as they fall into place.

To be eligible for a reward, a winning combination on a payline must include at least three occurrences of the same symbol, moving from left to right. Everyone who has ever used a slot machine will be acquainted with the format, and being as how it works so well, there is no need to modify it. If you want to find out how much each symbol is worth when it lands on 3, 4, or all 5 reels, then click the Paytable button that is located at the bottom of the reels. Prizes are awarded as multiples of the amount that was gambled on a payline.

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